77606 Fluid Dynamics
General Info
  • Lecturer: Prof. Nir Shaviv
    • e-mail:
    • Reception hours: set by e-mail (or, see schedule here)
    • Office: Kaplun 102. Phone: (65)85807
  • Grade Structure / Requirements:
    • 20% Homework: (HW grade = average of best 8 submitted HW exercises [out of about 11 or 12]. HW can be done in pairs, not with n>2)
    • 80% Final Exam: A sample exam will be given before. Really doing the homework will prove VERY useful for the exam.

Lecture 1 - Continuity, Euler, Bernoulli
Lecture 2 - Circulation, Potential Flow I
Lecture 3 - Potential Flow II (images, multipoles, etc.)
Extra Notes 1 - Solving Laplace with a computer
Lecture 4 - Potential Flow III (nozzle, gravity waves, KH)
Lecture 5 - Viscosity and the Navier Stokes equations,
Navier Stokes in Polar and Cylindrical coordinates.
Lecture 6 - Shock waves
Lecture 7 - Boundary Layers and Wakes (laminar and turbulent)
Lecture 8 - Thermal Diffusion
Lecture 9 - Sound Waves
Lecture 10 - Elasticity I (stress & strain)
Lecture 11 - Elasticity II

Recitation Class Material (including Home Work)

Bonus Computer Exercise
  • 8% Magen + (Exercise Grade * 4%) on top of final grade.
  • Deadline: Last Lecture of the Semester (At class).
  • Work should be individual.
  • Submitted Work should be a printed or, if you have a nice hand writing, hand written hardcopy, with sample output graphs.
  • In addtion to the hard copy, e-mail the code files (including matlab/mathematica/whatever files you used to plot) as attachments, to my e-mail above. The e-mail subject should be "77606 / Computer Exercise Listing / your name / id "
  • The goal of the last item in the project, to think of how to complicated it, is to ensure that you did individual work, so don't be exactly as original as your friend...

Sample Exam (Never Given, but includes handed formula pages)
Moed A 2007
Moed B 2007
Moed Talpiot 2008

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