77938 - Advanced Astrophysics (Stellar Structure and High Energy)
General Info

  • Lecturer: Prof. Nir Shaviv
    • e-mail:
    • Reception hours: set by e-mail (or, see schedule here)
    • Office: Kaplun 102. Phone: (65)85807
  • Grade Structure / Requirements:
    • 40% Homework. Must submit N-1 exercises. (N ~ Nweeks/2)
    • 60% Final Exam.

  • Take home exam: 2012 exam Note Typo: Absorption of D2O should be 0.01m-1 (and not 1cm-1). Also, one of the links in the exam is dead. This is an equivalent one for the optical properties of water
  • Old take home exams:
    - 2011 exam
    - 2010 exam
Lec 1: Introduction to Stars and Observations
Lec 2: Virial Theorem
Lec 3: Lane Emden
Lec 4: Sun and White Dwarfs as Polytropes
Lec 5: Radiative Transfer I
Lec 5.5: Radiative Transfer II
Lec 6: Radiative Transfer III - Super Eddington, SMOs, Clouds
Lec 7: Radiative Transfer IV - Eddington Approx., Rosseland Mean, Surface Conditions
Lec 8: Convection - Schwarzschild criterion, mixing length, Brunt-Väisälä frequency
Lec 9: Thermonuclear Reactions
Lec 10: Stellar Homology
Lec 11: Schönberg Chandrasekhar mass limit. See also Townsend's notes.
Lec 12: Stellar evolution
Lec 13: Neutron Stars
Lec 14: Spherical (Bondi) Accretion
Lec 15: Accretion disks
Lec 16: Evolution of Binary systems
Lec 17: Shock Waves
Lec 18: Fermi Acceleration
Additional Material
Rich Townsend's Stellar Structure course notes
Closing the Radiation Moments a little further than the Eddington Approx.
Homework Sheet 1
Homework Sheet 2 and if you require a Lane Emden Mathematica Notebook
Homework Sheet 3
Homework Sheet 4

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