77412 Order of Magnitude Physics / שיטות שיערוך בפיסיקה
General Info

  • Lecturer: Prof. Nir Shaviv
    • e-mail:
    • Reception hours: set by e-mail (or, see schedule here)
    • Office: Kaplun 102. Phone: (65)85807
  • Grade Structure / Requirements:
    • 0% Homework: Due to the large number of students and lack of TA/grader, it is impossible to give the HW credit. You don't have to submit them.
    • 100% Final Exam: Doing the homework (in the exercise file below) will prove VERY useful for the exam. (hint hint). Its main goal is to verify that you really did the homework.

Dimensional Analysis
Modeling (Boats, Convection)
Application to Condensed Matter
Application to Biological Systems
Additional Material

Sample Exam
Sample Exam's Solution. (Small typo in sol.: Eq. 6 should read [sigma]=erg/cm^2. The rest is fine.)

Moed A 2007
Moed A 2007 with solution

Moed B 2007
Moed B 2007 with solution

Moed Talpiot 2007 Exam
Moed Talpiot 2007 Solution

Moed A 2009 Exam
Moed A 2009 Solution and Comments.
Bubble burst movie. It takes of order 10 ms...

Moed A 2010 Exam and Solution
Moed B 2010 Exam and Solution

Moed A 2013 Exam and Solution
Moed B 2013 Exam and Solution

Moed A 2014 Exam and Solution

Other Serious Links
Taylor's paper estimating the Trinity test energy yield. Need a HU IP.
On the maximum speed of rowing boats.
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in clouds (due to very large shears = low Richardson number).
More Order of Magnitude problems on my personal website.
Other Fun Links
Measurements, medieval styl e (Monty Python's Holy Grail)
More on estimates.

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