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Postdoc opportunities:

We are always looking for talented students to work on the various projects. In particular we are currently looking for:
  • A PhD student to work on the MOT setup for neon atoms, including the associated detector and data acquisition setup.
  • MSc students to work on both the atom and ion trapping experiments.
  • A PhD/MSc student to work on a collaborative effort with the Zoran lab at the Hebrew University on a joint project involving the use of machines for the production and manipulation of food (Digital Gastronomy).
  • A PhD/MSc student to work on the development of a slow positron beam to be used for material science studies (in collaboration with the Steinberg group at the Hebrew University).

We are also always eager to have excellent undergraduate students work with our group, if you are studying toward a B.Sc. at Hebrew University and are interested to work with us feel free to contact any member of our group for information.

If any of these projects sounds interesting you are more than welcome to discuss them with