Nonlinear physics

Nonlinear physics research at the Racah Institute includes a broad range of topics:

  • Physics of earthquakes (Fineberg's group)
  • Physics of friction (Fineberg's group)
  • Crack propagation and stability (Fineberg's group)
  • Nonlinear wave interactions (Fineberg's group)
  • Classical to quantum transition in autoresonant dynamics (Friedland's group)
  • Resonant phase space dynamics in Vlasov-Poisson and Wigner-Poisson systems with plasma physics applications (Friedland's group)
  • Stochastic dynamics of mode locked lasers (Gat's group)
  • Cavity quantum electrodynamics and cold atoms in the semiclassical limit (Gat's group)
  • Superoscillations (Katzav's group)
  • Fracture and fragmentation of solids (Katzav's group)
  • Packing problems and applications in biophysics (Katzav's group)
  • Large fluctuations in non-equilibrium stochastic systems (Meerson's group)
  • Mechanics and geometry of growth (Sharon's group)
  • Turbulence in rotating fluids (Sharon's group)

Nonlinear physicists at the Racah Institute

Nonlinear physics seminars

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