Experimental Facilities

  • Ti:Sapphire CPA Laser system

    Our laser system is a mode-locked Ti:Sp chirped pulse laser. It consists of a 70 fsec Spectra Physics Tsunami oscillator, followed by a regenerative amplifier, followed by a multi-pass amplifier (4-pass). The end of the amplifying process consists of a compressor, yielding a pulse of approximately 100 fsec duration, 50 mJ per pulse, wavelength of 798nm, and a repetition rate of 10Hz. The beam diameter is approximately 1.2cm.

  • Laser diagnostics

    In order to measure an ultra fast laser pulse, one cannot use any electronic devises such as photo diodes as these devises' response is too slow. In HUHIL we use a FROG Frequency Resolved Optical Gating. This device utilizes the second harmonics generation effect, a nonlinear effect widely studied and measured. The measurement involves splitting the beam into two beams, and then super imposed on a nonlinear BBO crystal. The autocorrelation product, which is the convolution of the pulse's envelope function with itself, is analyzed in a spectrometer. This yields both the pulse's temporal and spectral structure simultaneously.