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Yinon Ashkenazy
S-L interface

Research Interests

Physical mechanism controlling material behavior, specifically in driven system.

I work on phase transitions, response to external load (stress and irradiaiton) and other strong drive conditions. My work includes theoretical and computaitonal modeling of response to external load as well as kinetics and thermodynamics modeling.

I am a member of the ICPL


open positions

I am currently (as of oct 2013) seeking a Phd student for a project involving stochastic modelling of damage evolution in driven metals.

The work involves analytical and simulation modelling which will be used to understand how sagregates affect failure mechanisms. This project will involve collaboraiton with a group from Helsinki and CERN. The project is done in the context of the CLIC collaboration, where copper units are used for the accelerating cavity, and the current main life limiting factor is damage formation at these units surface.

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A related manuscript (in terms of methods) describes : creep at nanoscale


Research group

Current and recent students

  • Noya Dimenstein Phases of Iron at earth core conditions
  • Adar Sharon Stochastic models for breakdown phenomena
  • Amir Porat Modeling Radiation induced creep
  • Tomer Asida Simulating radiation damage in nano-grained materials

    Publication list and other info, are available through my research-gate profile


    research related goodies
    files related to published articles
  • Defect dynamics at solid-liquid interface


    Physics - grad and undergraduate courses:
  • Materials Physics - structure, properties and kinetics (77853)
  • Thermal physics (77152)
  • Phase transitions in condensed matter (77561)
  • Mechanics for Biology stu. (77148)
  • materials phys (moodle page)


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