The Israel Center for Astrophysics (ICA):

National Astrophysics Seminar Series

First meeting of 2002: Wed, January 16.

Coffee and Informal Gathering
Avishai Dekel (HUJI): Galaxy Formation Crises in CDM Cosmology
Ramy Brustein (BGU): Limits on Lorentz non-invariance at the Planck scale from neutrino oscillations
Uri Griv (BGU): Spontaneous Warping of Disk Galaxies
Ehud Nakar (HUJI): The gamma-ray light curve as a reflection of the `inner engine' activity in GRBs
14:30-14:45 Ari Laor (Technion): Outflows in AGN
Rennan Barkana (TAU): Replacement
Tal Alexander (Weizmann): Pinpointing the Black Hole in the Galactic Center with Gravitationally lensed Stars.
General Remarks and Comments

Getting There:

Using the following map, you should find that Neve Shalom is easily reachable. The guest center, where the meeting will take place, is located at the entrance to Neve Shalom. For more information follow this Link

Need to know how to get there? Follwing is a map:

Note, the following information was sent by an alert participant (Elhanan Almoznino from TAU): "In the past few months great construction works were done there, the 'HOTZE ISRAEL' road coincides just with that portion of the road, so the kink in the red road seen in the map no longer exists. Also there is an intercange where the 'brown' road to Neve-Shalom meets the red one. ... Anyway, now there are clear signs to Neve-Shalom".