Dr. Kartick Chandra Sarkar

Title : Post-Doctorate Fellow
Office : Ross, 216
Email : sarkar (dot) kartick (at) mail (dot) huji (dot) ac (dot) il


Welcome !

I am a Post-doctoral fellow at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

My research interest lies in theoretical understanding of the SN driven bubbles/superbubble, galactic outflows and different physical processes in the interstellar and circumgalactic medium (ISM/CGM). A frequent asssumption in modeling the ISM/CGM is that the plasma is in collisional or photo-ionization equilibrium. While this in general a good assumption in modeling the dynamics of the system, it is not a good assumption in modeling the emission/absorption properties of the system. More recently, I have been working on relaxing the assumption of ionization equilibrium and include non-equilibrium ionization phsyics in dynamical systems.
Another aspect is the radiation field produced due to radiative cooling of plasma in the ISM/CGM. The medium themselves are assumed to be optically thin i.e., radiation can escape the system without suffering from serious abosrption or scattering. However, we generally do not think what happens to the plasma. One can imagine that if the absorbed number of photons (despite being a small fraction of the total number of photons) is comparable to the particles that absorb them, the plasma will be significantly affected. As a part of understanding the ISM/CGM properly, I built a frequency-dependent radiation transport that is coupled to the ionization network and the dynamics.
One of my favourite topics related to the study of bubbles and outflows is the study of Fermi Bubbles and other nearby large scale features seen in x-rays or UV lines. I built a star-formation model for the Fermi Bubbles that could explain the gamma-rays, x-rays, UV absorbing clouds and even consistent with radio emission from the bubbles and surrounding area. The recently discovered eROSITA bubbles perfectly match with the theoretical model that I provided.

Other activities

I am a volunteer at the Padakshep which supports meritorius but under-privilaged students in West Bengal for their education.

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