Dr. Kartick Chandra Sarkar

Title : Post-Doctorate Fellow
Office : Ross, 216
Email : sarkar (dot) kartick (at) mail (dot) huji (dot) ac (dot) il


Welcome !

I am a Post-doctoral fellow, currently working with Dr. Orly Gnat and Prof. Amiel Sternberg at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
My current research interest lies in theoretical understanding of the SN driven galactic outflows and different physical processes in the interstellar and circumgalactic medium. One of my favourite topic is the origin of the Fermi Bubbles and other nearby large scale features.

In this page you can also find some examples that can help you to deal with the plotting using gnuplot.
There are also some examples given for the structures and arrays (using pointers) in C that may help one in writting your C code more efficiently.

Other activities

I am a volunteer at the Padakshep which supports meritorius but under-privilaged students in West Bengal for their education.

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