Curriculum Vitae

Paz Beniamini

Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew university of Jerusalem

Hebrew University at Safra Campus, Jerusalem, Israel

Phone: 026584671



Research summary

My principal interest is in high energy astrophysics. In particular Gamma Ray bursts, Neutron stars, Radiation mechanisms, Astrophysical plasmas and jet physics.


“A revised analysis of  Gamma Ray Bursts'  prompt efficiencies”, Beniamini P.; Nava, L., Piran, T., 2016 accepted for publication in MNRAS.

“X-ray flares in GRBs: general considerations and photospheric origin”, Beniamini P.; Kumar, P., 2016, MNRAS, 457 (1): L108-L112.

“Formation of Double Neutron Star systems as implied by observations”, Beniamini P.; Piran, T., 2016, MNRAS, 454, 4089B.

Properties of GRB Lightcurves from Magnetic Reconnection”, Beniamini P.; Granot, J., 2016, MNRAS, 459, 3635B.

“Energies of GRB blast waves and prompt efficiencies as implied by self-consistent modeling of X-ray and LAT afterglows”, Beniamini P.; Nava, L.; Barniol Duran, R.; Piran T., 2015, MNRAS, 454, 1073B.

“Shedding light on the prompt high efficiency paradox - self consistent modeling of GRB afterglows”, Beniamini, P.; Nava, L.; Barniol Duran, R.; Piran, T., 2015, proceedings of “SWIFT – 10 years of discovery”.

“The emission mechanism in magnetically dominated gamma-ray burst outflows”, Beniamini, P.; Piran, T. 2014, MNRAS, 445, 3892B.

“Constraints on the Synchrotron Emission Mechanism in Gamma-Ray Bursts”, Beniamini, P.; Piran, T. 2013, ApJ, 769, 69.

"Limits on the GeV emission from gamma-ray bursts", Beniamini, P.; Guetta, D.; Nakar, E.; Piran, T. 2011, MNRAS.

"Charge Acceleration and Field-Lines Curvature: A Fundamental Symmetry and Consequent Asymmetries", Elitzur Avshalom, C.; Cohen, Eliahu; Beniamini, Paz 2011, AIPC.


2011-      Ph.D. Main subject: Astrophysics. Dissertation title: Radiation Processes in Gamma Ray Bursts and Active Galactic Nuclei.

                 University: Hebrew University

                  Supervisor: Prof. Tsvi Piran, Schwartzman university chair of at the Hebrew university.

2009- 2011      M.Sc Main subject: Physics. Research project: high energy emission from Gamma ray bursts.

                 University: Hebrew University

                  Supervisor: Prof. Tsvi Piran.

2006-2009 B.Sc in Physics and Mathematics.


Recipient of award for best teaching assistant in Physics from the Hebrew University, 2016

Research travel grant from the Hebrew University authority for R&D, 2015

Recipient of Rosenblum award for excellent research in Astrophysics 2015

Received a teaching excellence award from the Hebrew University - 2015

Completed B.Sc with Magna cum laude.

Was on Dean's list for 2008/9.

Teaching experience

2009-    Teaching assistant at the Hebrew University. The job involves teaching both undergraduate and graduate classes. In 2011 I was graded first place in the Physics department in a teaching evaluation survey and received a prize for excellence in teaching at 2015.

 Conferences and workshops

November 2015 – participated and gave a talk at the conference “Sixth international Fermi symposium” in Arlington.

December 2014 – participated and presented in the conference " Swift: 10 Years of Discovery" in Rome.

October 2014 – participated at the workshop: “Transients’ unsolved mysteries” in Eilat.

June 2014 – participated in the conference: “Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Multi-Messenger Era” in Paris.

September 2013 – participated at the “IMPRS high energy astrophysics summer school” in Heidelberg.

December 2012 – participated in the IAS 30th winter school: “Early galaxy formation in LCDM” in Jerusalem.

December 2011 – participated in the conference "Cosmological Streaming, Inflows and Outflows" at the Hebrew University.

December 2010 – participated and presented poster at the Israeli Physics Society (IPS) meeting.

December 2010 – participated and presented in the Israeli High Energy Astrophysics meeting at the Weizmann Institute.

November 2010 – participated in the NASA GRB workshop at the Goddard space flight center in Maryland.

November 2010 – participated and presented poster at the GRB 2010 conference in Annapolis.

December 2009 – participated in the international winter school for theoretical astrophysics at the Hebrew University.