Jay Fineberg’s Group

Jay Fineberg’s Laboratory

Jay Fineberg’s laboratory has a variety of different research interests.  Each of these projects is interesting  (to us)  in itself ,  fundamentally important,  an intrinsically nonlinear process, and basically fun to study.  Some of these, in broad strokes, are:

· The physics of  “How Things Break”   —  The study of dynamic (rapid) fracture in brittle materials

· The pattern formation and interactions of nonlinear waves

· The physics of  “How Things Slide”  — The study of the onset of frictional motion and laboratory modeling of earthquakes

The Racah Institute of Physics

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904


To contact us:

Office phone: (972)-2-6585207

Cell Phone: (972) 54 -7247695

Fax: (972)-2-6584437


Take a look at a short video  where Jay explains how we break and slide stuff in the lab