The meeting will take place in the conference
room of the medical school of Universite Paris 5 - Sorbonne

45 Rue des Saints-Peres (Metro Saint-Germain des Prés
75270 Paris

and in the Laboratoire de Neurophysique et Physiologie
du Systeme Moteur which is located on the third floor
at the same adress.

Tel: + 33-1 42 86 21 38 (Secretary of the lab)
Fax: + 33-1 49 27 90 62 (Fax of the lab)


Rooms have been booked in two hotels both very near Luxembourg
garden in the fifth arrondissement:

Hotel du Bresil (HB below)
10 rue Le Goff 75005
Tel: +33 1 43 54 76 11
Fax: +33 1 46 33 45 78

Hotel de Senlis (HS below)
7 rue Malebranche 75005
Tel: +33 1 43 29 93 10
Fax: +33 1 43 29 00 24

(S: single room; D: double; T: twin)

The hotels are at 10 minutes walk from the university.

participants                         Hotel                    room                 from-to
P. Bressloff                            HS                          D                9-17

J. Bullier                                  HB                          S            10-14

B. Ermentrout                         HS                          D            11-17

K. Hepp ; M.C Hepp-Reymond      HS                 D            9-17

K. Martin                                 HB                           S            9-14

I. Nelken                                  HB                          S            9-17

M. Nicolelis                             HB                          S            9-17

P. Roelfsema                            HB                         S            9-14

S. Seung                                    HS                         D            9-17

J. Simon                                     HB                         S            9-17

B. Shapley                                 HB                          S           10-17

H. Sompolinsky                Hotel des Artistes                       9-17

S. Thorpe                                   HB                          S            9-14

M. Tsodyks                                HB                          T            9-17

E. Vaadia                                   HB                          S            9-13
E. Vaadia                                   HB                          D            13-17

C. Van Vreeswijk                      HB                          S            9-17


S. Battiston             own arrangement

S. Bohte                                        HB                          S            9-13

T. Golish - A. Henrie                   HB                          T            9-17

Y. Loewenstein - M Shamir         HB                          T            6-17

F. Wolf                              own arrangement                              9-17


From the airports to the hotels:

From Charles de Gaulle: take the RER underground from the airport
to Paris. Stop at the station Luxembourg. It takes about 50 minutes.

From Orly: Take the shuttle (underground) to Antony. from Antony
take the RER B to Luxembourg . It takes about 25 minutes.

The Luxembourg RER station is located in the heart of the Quartier
Rue Le Goff and Rue Malebranche are two small streets
between Rue Gay Lussac and Rue Saint Jacques at 3-5 minutes
walk from Luxembourg RER station.

Computers and e-mail:

Four computers will be in free access.
We have also about 10 free IP numbers that can be used to connect
laptop to the network. Please let us know ASAP if you are planning
to come with your own laptop.

First evening (July 9):

We are going to meet in the entrance of Hotel du Bresil at 21:30.
We will go somewhere to eat or drink together.