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We are the Fundamental Interactions group at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Racah Institute of Physics. We are part of the nuclear and hadronic physics group but have close ties to the optics and non-linear groups operating at the institute.

Our group studies two of the fundamental forces of nature, the ElectroWeak force, and the Strong Nuclear Force by conducting experiments on systems which are affected by these forces. Among the questions we are currently trying to answer are:
  • Is there physics beyond the Standard Model? How does one see the effects of such possible physics on low energy processes like nuclear beta decay.
  • How well do we know the structure of the proton and neutron? Are the charge and magnetization distributions in them different from each other?
  • Is a nucleon inside a nucleus still a nucleon? Do it’s properties change in a measurable way?
  • How can we use the anti-matter partner of the electron (the positron) to study material systems.

For some of the recent talk given by members of the group see the Publications and Talks page.

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For research opportunities for students and postdocs see the Jobs webpage.