Research projects are available on a variety of topics in the cutting edge of cosmology and the theory of galaxy formation. These projects can be offered to good students, for Ph.D., M.Sc., or undergraduate projects. The type of work ranges from analytic work, through numerical analysis, to developing and running challenging hydro-cosmological simulations. The projects could be theoretical, involving cosmological simulations, or related to observational data. The current projects focus on open issues concerning the most active phase of galaxy formation during the first few billion years of cosmological evolution, which is one of the most active fields of modern astrophysical research. The research program is part of an international team work aimed at developing a new theoretical understanding of the origin of galaxies and the large-scale structure in the universe. Details are to be provided to interested students based on their personal interests and abilities, and in accordance with the current open issues in our research program. For more details kindly contact Professor Avishai Dekel, Kaplun 107, 02-6584100, dekel at .