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Here I present an updated estimate of long GRB event rate, using the direct inversion method described in Wanderman and Piran 2010.



The above figure show the rate (in events per year per Gpc^3) as a function of the redshift (z) Gray shaded area, left Y-axis scale.

For comparison we plot the star formation rate (Bouwens, R.J., et al., 2010, arXiv:1006.4260v2) Cyan shaded area, right Y-axis scale.


The rate is fitted to the function: A*(1+z)^1.60.4 for z < 3.35 and B*(1+z)^-1.41.5 for z > 3.35

Number of bursts in this sample: 124

The local GRB rate: 1.8 [yr^-1 Gpc^-3]

Last Update 14-jul-2010