Former Graduate Students

Ph.D Students:

Daniel Lidar
Thesis: Structural characterization of disordered systems (1997). Co-supervisor: Prof. Benny Gerber.

Itay Furman
Thesis: Diffusion, reaction and growth on surfaces (2001).

Ofer Malcai
Thesis: Generic mechanisms for the emergence of power-laws and fractal structures (2003).

Daniel Shapira
Thesis: Dynamical analysis of quantum computations (2004).

Azi Lipshtat
Thesis: Gas-grain interactions in the interstellar medium (2005).

M.Sc Students:
Asa Ben-Hur
Thesis: Universality in sandpile models (1995).

Itay Furman
Thesis: Rate equations for atom clustering on surfaces (1996).

Daniel Shapira
Thesis: Data association in multiple target tracking using neural networks (1998).

Hanoch Mehl
Thesis: Simulations of growth and electromigration on the Cu(001) surface (1998)

David Biron
Thesis: Analysis of algorithms and decoherence effects in quantum computation (1998)

Erel Milshtein
Thesis: Symmetries and universality classes in self organized criticality (1998).

Yishai Shimoni
Thesis: Characterization of entanglement in pure quantum states (2003).

Yehiel Shilo
Thesis: Sandpile models and random walkers on finite lattices (2003).

Oren Klass
Thesis: Emergence of power-law distributions in random multiplicative processes (2004). Co-supervisor: Prof. Sorin Solomon.

Hagai Perets
Thesis: Molecular hydrogen formation on ice under interstellar conditions (2004).

Baruch Barzel
Thesis: Efficient simulations of interstellar gas-grain chemistry using moment equation (2005).