2009-10  The  class notes  will follow those shown on this page, but there will be certain changes as we go along,
                and it is recommended to take notes in class.

Notes from previous years

2007-8 Notes                                                                                                
Kinematics 2 - vectors (self-review)
Kinematics 3 - Ballistics
Kinematics 4 - circular motion
Approximations and Taylor's series (self-review)
Laws of  motion and forces (2+)
Equations of motion
Conservation laws
Reference frames (2)
Oscillator 1-2: basics
Oscillator 3-5: damping and forcing
Kepler problem 1-3
Midterm (and preparation) (2)
Rigid body (3)
Relativity: kinematics (5)
Relativity: dymanics (3)

Reading material
"On the electrodynamics of moving bodies"/Einstein
תוכנית לימודים מוצעת לבוגר בפיזיקה
Optional extra material
Coservative forces
Complex numbers

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