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Theoretical gravitation and high energy physics group

Prof. Barak Kol

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 91904 Israel 
The Racah Institute of Physics
Title: Full Professor
Office: Kaplun 210
Phone: (972-2) 6584929
Fax: (972-2) 5611519
Email: barak_kol@phys.huji.ac.il

Meeting on Quantum Gravity 9 Jan 2018, Jerusalem, Danciger B seminar room program


6/2017 Chaos, Quantum Mechanics and Black Holes - a special public lecture from the frontier of theoretical physics delivered at the Hebrew University by Prof. Stephen Shenker on 25 June 2017, see also

5/2017 A TV appearance on time travel (Hebrew, channel KAN).

5/2017 A hypothesis regarding a relation between bat evolution and a period of darkness following an asteroid impact appears in "The K-Pg event as a key to bat evolution", see here.

4/2017 The SFI method is used to achieve a novel evaluation of a Feynman diagram in "The Vacuum Seagull: evaluating a  3-loop Feynman diagram with 3 mass scales, see here.

1/2017 Recognized as Excellent teacher of the Hebrew University for previous school year.

8/2016 Michael (Misha) Smolkin joins the faculty of the theoretical High Energy group.

8/2016 Presented "Effective black hole degrees of freedom at low frequencies" at the Inward Bound conference on Black Holes and Emergent Spacetime, 17-20 August 2016, NORDITA.

6/2016 " Bubble diagram through the Symmetries of Feynman Integrals method" appears. The Symmetries of Feynman Integrals (SFI) method is generalized to include diagrams with external legs, and the 1-loop propagator diagram ("the bubble") is analyzed and its value is reproduced through solving the SFI equations.

4/2016 The Racah Institute hires Yonit Hochberg and Eric Kuflik thereby establishing a long-awaited for group in High Energy Phenomenology. They defer their arrival to the following year.

4/2016 "The algebraic locus of Feynman integrals" appears. It defines a certain locus in the parameter space where a Feynman integral can be reduced to a linear combination of contracted diagrams.

11/2015 Joined the iCore grant and Center of Research Excellence in The Quantum Universe.

8/2015 The group mourns the passing of Prof. Jacob Bekenstein, a black hole pioneer and a model physicist.

7/2015 "Symmetries of Feynman integrals and the Integration By Parts Method" appears. This work associates with Integration By Parts, a method to compute Feynman integrals having some 1000 citations, a group action on parameter space and studies its consequences.

3/2015 The course "Analytical mechanics" 77303 is rated as the 3rd best among the 65 physics courses in the teaching evaluation questionnaire.
3/2015 Organized Hebrew Un. - Humboldt Un. meeting - hosting the group of Matthias Staudacher, 22-29 March, Jerusalem.

3/2015 Israel Science Foundation (ISF) rejects individual grant proposal in a rare and puzzling procedure prior to external referee process.

2/2015 Accepted the position of Head of physics studies at the department starting October 2015. Research to continue at full speed.

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Research interests

Theoretical High Energy Physics
  • General relativity
  • Quantum field theory
  • Supersymmetry
  • String theory

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