Dr. Ady Vaknin

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 91904 Israel
The Racah Institute of Physics

Office: Danzinger B, Room 9.
Phone: (972) 2 - 6584266

Cell Phone: (972) 50- 205 2873
Fax: (972) 2 - 6586168


Research Interests: Biophysics.

Recent and on-going development of fluorescence microscopy techniques made it possible to detect directly and quantitatively the action of various components within living cells. Interactions between molecules, physical deformation of molecules, production rate, and other molecular functions can be measured in real time, reviling new aspects of live-cells functioning.

We utilize such methods to study:

  Sensory perception in bacteria.

  Biophysical aspects of live-cells signaling.

Signal processing in biological networks.